Yorkshire Wolds Way – A Summary.

Only 6 months since my last post? After a gap of >3 years! Outrageous!

My 2 subscribers (hiya Mum and Dad!) will have to start scheduling dedicated time to keep up with this flurry of activity! 

As normal, work and life being busy mean that this is a single post for a whole trip, which is why it is a very good thing this is just an online, occasional, travel diary for me, and not the output of someone trying to blog with an end game of being an ‘Influencer!’. Really with just one post a year you’re only ever going to influence people to look for content elsewhere! And fair play, they’ll probably find more interesting stuff about whatever is cool and the latest trends over there – so good luck to them / you!

One thing is for sure the Yorkshire Wolds Way (YWW) deserves better than this summary blog entry and my average to poor photo skills have managed! I should have done an entry per day and made the effort to write it up at the time. I didn’t have the time sadly… so this will have to do. 

The Yorkshire Wolds Way (YWW) is the shortest trail – about 79 miles (127km*) from the shores of the Humber right underneath the bridge in a big curve round to Filey.

I got lucky in between the 19th – 24th August 2019, after some drizzle on day 1 it was scorchio for the rest of the way. Relatively flat, (compared to where I live or say, The Lakes) I packed light, having arranged accommodation (no camping this time) all the way.

It was 6 perfect days, time to reflect on an interesting few years at work, and a chance to make some plans for 2020 (more on that later). I loved every minute of it. And one day, I will walk the YWW again, but backwards. Filey to Hull, not actually back to front…. 

This post is just going to be a quick run down of some walking stats and a list of where I stopped, because I know that somewhere out there is a person who wants to do the walk but can’t be bothered the Google-fest required to line everything up. This is what worked for me….

Day 1 – Humber Bridge to South Cave… 

 – stayed at The Fox and Coney Inn, very very nice….

Day 2 – South Cave to Market Weighton…

 – stayed at The Londesborough Arms, was great for the £…

Day 3 – Market Weighton to Huggate (or a farm near there….)

–  stayed at a farm just outside, in a glamping pod, which was ace. Cant recall the name. 

Day 4 – Morning – Huggate to Wharram le Street…

Day 4 – Afternoon (messed up GPS recording…) Wharram le Street to North Grimston….

– stayed in a hotel in Malton (Old Lodge?) a bus / taxi from the end of the days walk…

Day 5 – North Grimston to Ganton…

–  stayed at the Ganton Greyhound, the only show in town. Good food in 2019!

Day 6 – Ganton to Filey…

– train home, and stayed in my own bed! 

My first National Trail done. I did the Coast to Coast (which is longer and harder) a couple of years back and this one, was less challenging but easy walking meant I had a great chance to clear my head and think about plans for 2020… 

*I do all my walking in Kilometres. I find it much easier to estimate time / distance / duration this way. Odd, because when in a car I am all about the MPG / Miles, and couldn’t begin to conceive a car distance in Kilometres. I know I walk just over 4 km an hour on average. I know I drive (on a good day, long distance) 50 miles an hour on average. I remain unable to transfer Miles to Walking, or Kilometres to Driving. I also do weight in kilos, unless we are talking about baking in which case I am pounds, ounces, cups and pinches… deeply worrying. 

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