Wet Wipes

Some people will want to hear about monuments, statues and culture. Use Bing, you won’t get much here. Most of my mates will prefer the detail. So, what about life on the road?

21 days in and I’ve seen good and bad. I’m sure the excellent and the awful is still to come. This can be applied to food, toilets and attractions equally.

I thought I’d share some reflections on what I’ve learned occasionally. Today, wet-wipes. There is devil in the detail of these little damp cloths of hygiene happiness.

(1) – VERY IMPORTANT. Never, EVER forget the precious wipes, visit the WC, evacuate, relax and then remember you forgot them. You’ll look a total noob as you shuffle across the toilets praying for assistance, a cloth or at least no photographs.

(2) – Study the pics on the front of the packet for clues. If you don’t know the Turkish for wet-one you may accidently purchase something with wings. School boy error.

(3) – Buy small packs as you need them. Some people on the trip buy family packs in bulk and may as well carry a sign saying “hello! I have to go poo!”. Also the small packs come with excellent character tie in mechandising. Spiderman wet-wipes? Yes please.

(4) – Improvise, adapt and overcome. When bush camping the wet-wipe-wind shower is an acceptable form of pre drive day cleanliness routine. It does at least take the edge off.

The big question is : would I lend anyone on the trip my last wipe, exposing myself to all sorts of risk this side of the next supermarket?.

You guys at home I would do it for anytime. But here in the face of the squat-pot I’m not so sure. Leave no man behind – but everyone is responsible for their own moist towelettes.


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  1. Mum

    Nice pic – but I didnt recognise the feet, leading to awkward questions about WHO IS SHARING YOUR TENT 3 WEEKS INTO THE TRIP?!

    However on closer observation I recognise the manky right big toe that has dominated our family life in days past. So question answered….

    Brilliant view…shame about the toe.

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