Vietnam – Warning : Banana Con…

So we’ve all learned, sometimes the hard way, that you ask FIRST if you wanna take a photo of someone or you may have to face the consequences which can range from annoyance to demands for money.

As a rule I don’t take photo’s of strangers, I prefer to stick to silly pics of my mates, landscapes and amusing signs. So when this charming old lady asked me to take her photo, and being aware of the money angle I declined.

It went down like this…

“Take photo!”

“Erm, no, no thanks…”

“You take photo, no money, no money”

I thought she wanted me to just show her a pic on the camera. So I said “OK” and took the snap and showed it to her…

“Ha, Ha, Ha – Now you buy bananas!”

“What!?, no, I don’t want any…”




I wandered off sharpish.

Later that day, proving that I am nothing memorable the same lady (it was a really small town) tried the same con on me again!

Be warned kids, never accept sweets from strangers and never let an old woman try to con you into unnecessary banana buys.

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  1. The bespectacled chap out of The Deer Hunter

    Di di Mao!
    Di di mao!

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