Into Bulgaria. Beautiful once you get into the countryside.

Perfect campsite. 75p / pint. More follows if I stay sober…so don’t wait up.


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  1. Hristo Stoichkov

    Get orf moi laaand!


  2. Mum

    Beard looks a bit sparse….

    Have you been the victim of a demon Bulgarian barber..or did it go ‘cos creepy crawlies were starting to live in it as the weather gets hotter?

  3. Ernest

    I don’t know what it says on that beer label, it’s not even English. Does it say Carling?
    Frank Doberman

  4. Loobee & Dean

    Orange tent is my favourite.

  5. Stancho Stanev

    Keep to the roads Depo don’t use the air!

    Stancho Stanev

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