Turkey – Too Much TNF

On the Turkish mountain the unthinkable happened to me.

No, not a fall leading to smashed bones / death. Worse – fashion failure.

I was warned before I came about having too much TNF. The North Face – other brands are available, apparently.

I’m not alone. If I didn’t know better I’d say the group was sponsored by them, Merrell and Craghoppers.

I’m not a huge fan of clothes that rustle when you move but these brands are at least fast drying and have the all important pockets.

The trick is to avoid wearing a one brand ensemble. It looks bad. So imagine my shame when due to some poor planning, high winds and lack of washing facilities it happened.

Jacket, pants, t-shirt and boots all from TNF. I was mortified until I realised that with the magnificent view, my shaggy hair and rugged good looks i could pretend it was a catalogue shoot!

I’d make a great +size model! No?


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  1. Loobee

    That first pose is almost obscene Chris…

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