Turkey – Berber

Borderish Town / Military Base.

Went for a beard and hair trim with another Chris from the truck.

We found a barber (berber) which was easy since it’s every third or fourth shop. Turkish men take hair seriously.

No English, so we used the point and mime method to specify what was needed.

In my case I mimed small cuts, scissors, two thumbs up and a smiley face followed by clippers, two thumbs down, angry face. And away we went…

T’other Chris just wanted his beard line defining so mimed a slicing action across his adams apple which I thought was brave.

The 2 barbers got to work assisted by there child helpers / apprentices. The only chat was between them and it involved a lot of laughing. I’m thinking along the lines of:

“ha ha – this boy the wispiest beard I have ever seen!”

Or, hopefully:

“child – fetch me the laser-shears! This rusty iron wool is blunting my adamantium blades, I cannot understand it!”

The kid helper knew his jobs perfectly, but once the clipping began his main role was to hold the barbers ciggy until he needed a drag…

Anyway it was an excellent cut with plenty of scissor flare and towel flapping. The shampoo came at the end and included a free head massage and oddly his fingers repeatedly poking the depths of my ear holes.

Cost about £3.50. Better value and a better cut than the £27 at Regis Meadowhall before departure AND a free ear poke!

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