Turkey – Amateur Hour / Booze Club

So, as I’m sure you know there is no booze in Iran. On our last but 1 night in Turkey we had a drink up session.

To this point 3 or 4 of us have had the reputation as being “the boozy ones” – because we have a few cans regluarly and occasionally to break up a long drive day.

So for the drink up;

The steady drinkers stuck to our plan. A few cans to say farewell to booze for a month.

Others, who rarely touch a drop and raise their sober eyebrows at Booze Club founder members went for it, and how. These part time, amateur hour bingers forgot an important rule of alcohol:

You cannot accrue your units, use them all at once and expect no consequences. At no point should “drinking up” involve buying new bottles of vodka.

In a camp site with 2 squats and 2 sinks for 40+ people finding 50% of all facilities blocked with vomit is not cool.

Inquisitions were held. It was someone from our lot, I recognised the aubergine we have every night for dinner.

Brits Abroad…

I’m the last person to criticise those who over indulge. Been there, done that, (sorry Heather!). But the first rule of Booze Club is : Clean Up.

Comment with your suggestions for 2nd rule…

Me and Chris, post barber mourning the last beer till India:

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  1. Tyler Durden

    2nd rule of Booze Club…

    “Never Apologise”
    Any incident that occurs under the influence of booze is excused by the phrase…. “I was pissed”

    Tyler Durden

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