Turkey – 2000m up a mountain.

Massive wind. Sheer drops. Rocks instead of tent pegs. Man-Camping – Done. 🙂

11 people slept on the truck. 4 under it.

The hardcore, happy few knuckled down, pitched up and settled in with a couple of Efes.

I managed to get 4 people in my 2 man tent whilst we waited for dinner. Cosy.

One budget tent hitherto known as “the sail” was very nearly renamed “the kite” until it’s owner de-rigged and retreated to the bus. But that owner is lucky enough to be a petite wisp. Let’s face it – once I was inside, mine was going nowhere.

My favourite night under the stars so far. Terra Nova tent excellent. Terra Nova tent pegs useless. I’m gonna Bing “worlds strongest peg” this afternoon and have them couriered to the bus

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