Left Foot. Right Foot. Repeat.

Having taken the decision to have some time off work in late 2019 I decided to have a crack at the National Trails (England and Wales) and Great Trails (Scotland) in 2020…

Like most things Covid-19 got in the way and I lost about 4 months to ‘Lockdown’. Still I managed to finish ‘The Big One’ (SWCP) and have kept tabs on my progress here.

The plan in 2021 and beyond, is to keep nibbling away at the below. It’ll probably take forever. But – I have resolved to erode as much of the National Trails step by rambling step as I can, even if it takes me ages!

Any-road, this is where I’m keeping tabs on progress and obviously there has to be a spreadsheet so as at January 2021:

Notes –

SDW – Incomplete, Storm Ciara, made the 7-Sisters and Beachy Head last day unwalkable (the wind was moving little old light weight (ahem 120kg+) me around too easily for my liking, so I detoured, which took longer but was not as iconic! If I’d detoured for any other section, I wouldn’t have worried, but I’ve got to go back for that last classic stretch into Eastbourne. I’ve done the distance, but not the classic route so I need to go back.

Ridgeway – Incomplete due to lockdown and the cherry tomato blister – about 3 days left.

100% Completed…

Cleveland Way / Yorkshire Wolds Way / Pennine Bridleway / Cotswold Way / South West Coast Path / Hadrians Wall Path /

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