To Turkey

Go to Bulgaria. Get £20 spends and come for a long weekend. You’ll have enough cash left for your taxi back home in the UK.

Stayed at:

W. Double W.

Run by a British couple who love rock music, massive breakfasts, crispy bacon and clean facilities. Much like me!

I’m sure the fact it has been sunny made all the difference over Romania, but I’ll be back and I’ll be camping if you wanna come with…?

We are now en route to Turkey. Into our first hostel after 1 more bush camp tonight. I’m in the 34 person dorm. 34 people of mixed sex and age, mixed boozealicious tendency and mixed snore-daciousness.

I’ll be leaving my comfort zone at the door and personal space by the triple bunk bed.

I reckon the first arguments are inevitable as we are there for 3 nights. I’m owning the book, could make some good money!

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