Times Like These

What a great day. Oludeniz (spelling?) in Turkey, 25 degrees.

A small turkish fella called Onur mounted me, strapped in and threw me off the side of a 1960m cliff.

Paragliding is fun. We soared into the sky, not a cloud to be seen and I got a memory that’ll last a lifetime. What a view. After the adrenalin of take off came the calm of the flight. We soared like an eagle baby! Soon the 1960m take off spot was like a model village below. My fingers and face were freezing but I had the widest smile on my big stupid face.

I was settling in for a chillaxing flight when Onur said:

“you want do tricks?”
“ok, we do tricks”
“no! …. OK small tricks”

– tricks occured –

“you like?”
“yeah! – but seriously NO MORE TRICKS!”

Onur let me take the controls, whilst he grabbed the pics you can see. He took my helmet off, which worried me at first. Then I realised no amount of headgear would help if he messed up.

The descent took 40 mins – and a perfect landing was sweet relief.

To seal the memory my on trip music buddie had arranged for me to hear “times like these” by the Foo Fighters moments after landing. Perfick. A moment was stored!

Good Times.

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  1. Mum

    Sooooooo jealous! Wouldnt do that for a fortune – but very envious of those who dare!

    Must have been early experiences of abseiling that gave you the courage….!

  2. Heather

    Loving the paragliding pics!

    And I always find that Mr Grohl creates the most perfect moments!!!

    P.S I’m posting in my own name – think there may have been some confusion over a post from ‘The Riddler’! Surprisingly enough not me, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out who!

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