The View…

…from my tent this morning…

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  1. Ellis

    OMG, that is naa-aasty!
    The view? If anyone sees anything other than that toe, let me know.

  2. Mum

    Didnt recognise those feet at first glance so was asking that delicate question..’WHO ARE YOU SHARING YOUR TENT WITH AFTER ONLY 3 WEEKS?!’

    However on closer viewing I can see that incredibly manky right big toe that has been a focus of attention is this family for years……so question answered then.

    Gorgeous view..shame about the toe!

  3. Loobee

    Please, stop taking pictures of your freaky feet and exposing unsuspecting blog subscribers to them.

  4. The Riddler

    Riddle me this! Is that Efes your drinking?
    You’re either in Turkey, or you’ve stopped off at Costco.
    Which is it?
    The Riddler

  5. Professor Pod.

    I was most interested in the view……of the feet!

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