C2C – The Longest Day.

About 41km. A thousand metres short of a marathon. But a slowly plodded one carrying my pack, and with a tent erecting task at the end.  The guy who did the first marathon didn’t do a tent task at the end – he just fell over and died. I did the distance, pitched up, and ate a Magnum. So who is the fit one huh?!

The big choice this evening was whether to eat a bag of MnM’s, some Giant Strawbs and a Banana Bar or walk 3/4 of a mile to the pub. That’s 3/4 mile back as well of course. Ouch.

In the end the pub won, as if it was in doubt.  Tomorrow is 30km+ again and a lot hillier. I’ll need my Strawbs before the day is out I reckon. Best conserve stocks of precious glucose.

So I am in the pub and the young waitress probably thinks I’m ogling her. I’m not – but she’s carrying food and I’m trying to look at that each time she passes to gauge quality. Why?

Moments after I ordered it became clear the kitchen was in mini-meltdown “No more orders!, What have I said? Sandra?! Are you listening?!” mode. The pub is not busy. Still it is impossible to screw up a burger right? And hopefully this is ‘Chef’ making sure he sticks to his exacting standards with no compromise. We will see.

It was a good day walking. Nothing taxing, and the ankle wasn’t an issue once the wonder of Ibuprofen kicked in.

The waitress just placed my cutlery down with caution. She’s nervous. She jumped when there was a bang from the Kitchen. If normal chefing rules are being observed he’ll be in a strop and taking it out on the min wage 17 year old help. Tool. There are more than 30 things on the menu. Not including specials. Ramsey would have a fit. Confidence is low but this is the only show in town.

3 days left. Tomorrow is the longest / hardest. Tonight is the penultimate camping. It’s flown by. But I’ve enjoyed it – mainly in the evenings when my feet have calmed down. I’ve shifted no weight I think – I’ve offset the burned Kcals with quite a few pints, seen off every full English I’ve happened upon, and sugar has been a key ally throughout. The Dr’s don’t know what they are taking about re sugar. It’s ace and we should all consume more!

My food arrived and I wolfed it. It was definitely food. And it was definitely cooked. But my clean plate was more about the 3,333 calories burned (the watch works it out) rather than anything else.  3 couples just walked in together. Chef is gonna lose his shizzle if more than 3 of them want starters.

The verdict? My burger had bacon on it. 3 rules for that 1) mention it on the menu, 2) if you must do it make it uber crispy and 3) don’t do it at all (bacon is a breakfast food). This Chef failed on all 3 rules. 5/10 had better and worse.

RHB best have a GBK.

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  1. Ellis

    I hope it was on a plate. I also hope it wasn’t on brioche…. that is cake! Agree on the bacon.

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