The Calderdale Way – Done!

I decided to tick off The Calderdale Way, post Xmas, pre getting back to the IT grindstone. The plan was to walk it just before and after New Year. And so naturally, I finished it last weekend in the middle of May!

Not my fault – new job, another lockdown where Public Transport became frowned upon (apart from essential stuff) meant that I kept to my favourite local c25km loop for longer walks after a good start to this one.

Without doubt my favourite part of this walk is the Todmorden / Hebden end. It’s nice around Brighouse and Elland, but…I like the end closer to home I guess! I managed a decent chunk of this walk in the snow, which is always special, but slowed me down…(probably!).

I know some (young!) lads who are going to try and do The Calderdale Way in 12 hours later in the year. Good luck to them…. I think I’ll cheer from a (hopefully) open beer garden. My charts below include some “messing about” to get to the start of my walk as I like the calorie count to start ASAP to justify the treats at the end, so they are not neat and tidy plots just of the route…

Anyroad – this one doesn’t count towards my National Trail progress, and I even had to knock the KM’s off my Iceland Circular Virtual Walk so as not to cheat. That’s a 1300km saunter on the Internets and I’m about 200km into it.

The charts and some pics from each day and this post is done!

Day 1 – Luddenden to Todmorden – Snow!
Day 1.5 – Tod Loop – I messed up my daylight hours!
Day 2 – New Years Eve – Tod to Ripponden
Day 3 – Luddenden to Brighouse – a few weeks later…
Day 4 – Brighouse to Ripponden and done! Much warmer!
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