Thailand – Koh Samui…

Very pretty. Couple of pics :

Not a lot to do as it’s expensive to do any activities – the island is really geared up to 5 * luxury. You could have a great time if you knew you were heading back to work next week to earn some pennies. e.g. £30 for 20 mins on a jet ski. Ow.

I had a nice time swimming in the sea after some early morning runs. Just starting to think about getting some fitness back – losing weight on the truck is a given, but losing fitness from all the sitting about also follows. I was pleased as I knocked out a slow 10km one day and a hard fought 8km after that. Ow, my poor legs.

Excellent food as always. Chilli/Cashew/Chicken being a fave now. Street food Pad Thai delicious and deep fried spring rolls always reliable. Yum Yum Yum, Nom Nom Nom…

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