Thailand – Bangkok…and a Treat!

Not a lot to say about another big city. We bush camped in a temple about 50km from the outskirts of the city the night before because the rush hour is so bad. The big orange truck can’t get anywhere near the centre of town so the next day we parked it at a garage owned by an ex-pat mechanic called Tim.

Into town via taxi and to our digs. I decided I needed a treat when the smoky waft of cigs, a budget bed, no aircon and the noise from the road put me off the official accommodation. To be fair, I’ve slept on the roadside, petrol station forecourts, 30 people dorms not to mention muddy fields, swamps and insect ridden sweat boxes. So – I’ve had the rough and decided it was time for some smooth. 3 nights of circa Travelodge cost accommodation followed. But that amount of cash goes a long, long way in Bangkok.

I entered the Shanghai Mansions in Chinatown and immediately realised my flip flops and mucky EFC top were underdressing for a place that brought me hot towels and tea on a bone china tray whilst they photocopied my passport (I assume they took one look at me post bush camp and wanted to be sure they could trace me when I inevitably did a runner at check out!).

The room was VERY nice. The bed the size of 2 doubles. The free standing stone bath in the centre of the room with a plasma screen above it a nice touch. The free mini bar stuffed with beer, crisps (in the fridge?) and Oreo cookies was a treat. The chaise longue (spelling?!) was a relaxing alternative to standing… I’ve stayed in some nice ‘otels over the years, this place was boutique-iful and well worth the cash.

I wasn’t bothered by the delights of the red-light district. Instead – I did go to the mall to look at the Lamborghini dealership on the 4th floor (how do they get the cars up there?) and the aquarium in the basement (how do they get the sharks underground?). Top day out.

A few pics….

PS – “PING PONG SHOW?” *make popping sound with mouth* “You want see ping pong show?”. OK – funny and surprising the 1st time you are offered this in the street. Tired the 2nd time. Annoying from number 3 onwards. By the time we left I wanted to shout back “NO! – do you wanna see me take a poo? No? Really? Well I don’t wanna see some random woman propel sporting equipment across the room!”

There is more to Thailand than this… Koh Samui next, Island Paradise.

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  1. Anonymous Sex Tourist

    Oooooh, hark at Mr. Judgy Von Holier Than Thou ‘I don’t need a ping-pong show/close encounter with a ladyboy to have a good time!’ Depledge
    The families of these poor creatures pay thousands to get their offspring doctored so they can go out and earn enough Baht’s for them to put food on the table. But no, you can’t see past the ping pong show.
    Go and blimp at the western birds on the beach at Ko Samui instead….I suppose that’s free at least!

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