Turkey – Target Practice?

Bush camping for next 3 nights as we head towards Iran. Tonight a Turkish army firing range for tanks. Seriously there are shell craters the size of motor cars outside my tent.

Worried? No. Some fella who didn’t speak English seemed to think they don’t fire up until 0700 ish. So that’s OK then. He then drove off to set up the rest of his red flags, yellow stripy tape and skull and cross bone signs. Wonder what they are for?

More pressing than the odds of a misplaced round hitting my tent is the fact my sleeping mat is resting on a tank track. Comfy it is not.

More soon or if it all goes wrong and the Turkish 2nd Armoured Division roll over us in the night, remember this – I died doing what I love. Sleeping in a field, with a load of strangers who chose tonight to let the facade drop and bring up their issues.

Group dynamics under pressure.


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