Taking advice from Will Young.

“I guess I’d better leave right now”.

Wise words Will, wise words.

In my case these final few days are costing me a fortune. I work in IT where resilience and redundancy is king and with all this time to kill I am topping up my kit with what I have to admit are the cherries on top of my already massive rucksack shaped cake.

Witness, new camera today. I own a camera (now on eBay) but the new one is better (i.e. newer) and newer (i.e. better). Oh – and also waterproof. Justified?

Witness, the hot stand-by redundant multi-tool that I couldn’t resist. I own a Leatherman already but this one was on sale. Even I can’t justify it on the grounds of necessity.

But what if my life depends on dual-tools or an underwater 14mp jpeg?

I’m like a lady in a shoe shop, buying heels I don’t need for dresses I don’t own for occassions that I haven’t been invited to.

The point is this. I have everything I need and more besides so it’s time to go before my kit costs me more than the fuel for the truck.

I want the trip to make me go without a few things, it would be no bad thing to return 10% less impressed by things made from brushed aluminium and carbon fibre.

That said you can have my iPhone when you peel it out of my cold dead hands.

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