WtGGTtTGG & Sailors Tattoos.

So lockdown is finally easing and it is time to reflect on trail / walking progress during it, and review my ambitions for this year. Hopefully accommodation and campsites will be open in a couple…

Snowdon by Stepladder.

Keeping myself amused during the Covid-19 lockdown. About 6 hours to "ascend" Snowdon from my garage... https://youtu.be/2imQSkrqazA

Virtual Walk

I jumped on todays Twitter trend and did a #virtualwalk for my mum and dad who are isolating because of the Covid-19 virus.... https://youtu.be/-6Hs83FGFes

Home Gym.

This is after just 2 days of lockdown. I'm going to have to abandon my walking plans and get a proper job again if the boredom doesn't end. Should have kept my house less tidy,…

Covid-19. Stay Home. & Exercise.

National Trail walking paused. And for once it is not my sore feet which are to blame. I'm following what I see as the letter and the spirit of the lockdown. The more of us…