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Yeah. Bang to Rights. I’m guilty of skipping a few posts. Like 2 or 3 years at a time. I’m only writing this because Ellis* mentioned it and that stuck in my noggin. Luckily my WordPress password hasn’t changed since day 1!

That said – 800+ days between updates feels about right for modern social media to me. Who has the time to post more regularly?!  And as ever I write this for me, no-one else. Although I assume I have a legion of fanatics who will rejoice at my return Radiohead / Stone Roses style.

It has been a long time since I logged in. I never wrote about 2013 Chicago shennanigans and I’m going again in a few months. But maybe it’s best for the details of the last trip to the Windy City to stay between me, bean town and the bed post. So why am I back? Well…..

I’m nervous tonight as I have decided on a whim to walk the Coast to Coast. About 200 miles over about 12 days. It’s not the distance – I cover further per day on my weekend walks. It’s not the ascent – I live in a hilly part of Calderdale and can handle hills like I handle biscuits. It’s not the navigation – there’s an app for that.

No – It’s the weight that’s making me nervous man. Not my tubby-lover-pounds but that of my pack. Either it is too heavy or I am old. And weak. It’s hard striking a balance between “safety first I need a first aid kit” and “funk me that carbon fibre thingmajig is heavy”.

I just re packed and removed another couple of kilos. And honestly I think I’m leaving stuff behind I may need. You can hire a Sherpa service for the trip but for some reason I wanna camp and carry my own gear. My tent (old trusty from “The Trip”) is less than 2 kilos. They do a version now for less than 1kg using spaceman fabric for just £1000 more. Seems like a bargain at this point.

I tried to pack light. And would happily take pointers on what I have that I don’t need for 2 weeks ‘comfortable’ walking, camping and exploring. Maybe I could remove the crystal whisky tumblers and cheeseboard – but I need some luxuries right!?

Anyway. Here goes nothing. I look forward to letting you know how my c2c walk goes in a year or so…. :-/


*landlord at The Ell ‘Ole Real Ale pub. 5 stars on Trip Advisor.

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  1. Ellis

    Nice. I will be rapt throughout.

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