Stan Bull

Come to Istanbul. Simply beautiful. The restraunters and traders go from charming to funny to annoying as they try to tempt you in. The line for the ladies is “hey Shakira, come buy my rugs”. When ignored by one of the girls on the trip one particular trader called “hey lady, don’t be bias!”.

For men it’s “G’day Aussie”. It’s ANZACS weekend and the town is full of Australians and New Zealanders. We are leaving in the morning for Gallipoli for the service to remember fallen soilders.

Went to the Mosque today, stunning place. Peaceful and so welcoming to non Muslim visitors. So pleased I went.

Food excellent. Kebapping my hide off. Also digging the pistachio-sticky-honey-baskets.

Back to bush camping after today.

Back down to Earth with a bump I expect.

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  1. Zammo Maguire

    Chonging the bong, is not big and it’s not clever.

    Just say no next time.


    1. deplec

      lol. A strawberry flavoured, water filtered, age old tradition. Nothing “funky” here my friend!

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