Singapore – Lance Armstrong…

The impending abscess impended, arrived and went bad.

Arriving in Singapore and with no response to anti-bios I went to the wrong Raffles (the hospital not the hotel) and sought further advice. £15 to see a doc who referred me for surgery, the same day. The surgeon saw me immediately and said £700 for the Op and associated treatments. Ouch. Could it wait? What about more anti-biotics? No, it wanted to be sorted.

I’ll save the trouble with getting in touch with my travel insurance company for later. Annoyingly I had to agree to cover the cost myself to get the slot the surgeon had open that day. Otherwise I’d have been taking the problem onto a 30hr ferry ride to Jakarta, leaving myself in the hands of Indonesian rather than Singaporian care and so on.

So, not for the squeamish or those settling into a lunch of jam donuts or breakfast of fried eggs…

The Surgeon went for it. I’m lying on my side hoping it wont hurt too much. He said:

“It must have been hurting a lot…..”

I said “yeah, it was very uncomfortable…”

He inserted the needle…and I will never forget what he said next….

“Oh My God, Nurse!… It is pussing like a fountain!”

I laughed out loud or LOL’d as you kids would say.

Pics of me at the good Raffles, the bad Raffles and post Op (nothing too gory!)

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