Into Romania. Mw-ha-ha-ha! Dracula!!

Saw an old woman atop a haystack and a donkey pulling a tractor. I think they set this $hit up for the tourists.

2 days of bush camping so baking loafs as appropriate.

Tonight we appear to have wild dogs and locals checking us out. Valuable stuff in the truck, multi-tool under pillow. We are not in Kansas anymore. I’m not arsed about my kit. But I’m a bit precious about my face.

Our bus is the slowest thing on the road. Being overtaken by a road raging tractor a highlight today.

Found out today we arrive in Kathmandu on my birthday.


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  1. Ricky Bobby

    Is the bus slower than riding El Burro?

    Speaking of which – how are the ladies?

    Tee hee.


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