On a music mission today. Sat on my own on the bus for the first time, spare seats are a rare luxury. I was thinking it’d be a boring day of book finishing and Rubix cube cracking. But actually it was excellent… As Pete Postlethwaite said in Brassed Off : Music Matters…

An old friend reminded me to listen to “one for the road” by FFAF and a new friend introduced me to “the road” by Frank Turner.

Anyway, those that know Chris will appreciate my fondness for lists.

So I trawled the 4500 songs I brought with me for all tracks that include the word “road”. FYI I own 33.

They made an excellent playlist.

Can you name any of them? Prizes will be offered*.

*no prizes offered.

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  1. Loobee & Dean

    On the Road Again – Willie Nelson
    Song for the Road – David Ford
    Thunder Road – Bruce Springsteen
    Road to Hell – Chris Rea
    Back on the Road again – REO Speedwagon
    Road to Nowhere – Talking Heads
    The Long and Winding Road – Beatles

    I need to get back to work 🙂

  2. Richard

    Telegraph Road – Dire Straits (have heard of)
    Tobacco Road – Lou Rawls (never heard of)
    Copperhead Road – Steve Earle (who?)
    Follow the Yellow Brick Road – from The Wizard of Oz.

    What about expanding your search to street, avenue or boulevard?

  3. Mum

    ‘On the road to Mandalay’…?

    Best avoided on Fridays around teatime , so turn left, not right, at Kathmandu.

  4. Viv Savage

    I’ll play your game.

    Road Mutants – Death Angel

    Have a good time all the time!

  5. Loobee & Dean

    Oh my GOD I totally forgot The Road to Mandalay (Robbie style) until Mum reminded me above. Thanks Chris’s Mum, I am a terrible Robbie fan 🙁

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