I’ve made a huge mistake…?

Hmmm. I’m sat on a train to Eccles just 4 weeks or so before departure and I’m considering how much I dislike public transport.

Last weekend’s trams and trains to Birmingham were bad. I was delayed by broken carriages, annoyed by a hen party in the QUIET section and was even engaged in conversation by a STRANGER!


Luckily I had Ash’s iPod, some quality headphones and the best of Tangerine Dream to help me through it.

Now then – I’d normally be happy to chat to strangers and consider myself to be a friendly sort. But – who on earth tries to talk to a person (me) who is wearing noise insulating, in ear-canal headphones? Especially if they have just spent 10 mins getting them “in” and comfy? Bah!

Add to this the fact that once they are in place you can’t hear anything and you have a table of hen party women laughing at what I assumed must have been either my rumbley tummy or weirdy beard and it makes for an unhappy, self-concious experience.

Give me a long drive and five-live. Give me heated seats, travel sweets and average speed checks all the way, any day.

Obviously – the problem is this:

I’ve commited to 1 bus, the same 30-40 people and no toilet for 8 months. How will I survive?

Will I learn to love other peoples smells and close proximity?

What if Bobby Orange is a passenger on the bus?

How long into the journey is it acceptable to break wind loudly and proudly, rather than silently and violently?

I need suggestions for coping strategies…or have I made a huge miscalculation? 😐

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