Norway and Iceland 2011 and NYC 2012/13

A quick catch up to satisfy the Completer/Finisher in me. I was too lazy to write stuff down at the time but between the ‘Big Trip’ and today there were only a couple of notable adventures:

2011 – Flight to Norway and a drive to Nordkaap which is the furthest north I’ve ever been. Would I have camped out  if I’d seen Troll Hunter first? Not a chance. That movie has Land Rovers AND Trolls in it though so probably worth a watch 🙂

The camp was brilliant. Windy (I was the only guy braving a tent that night) and very light (obviously) but I had a blast playing with my camera and watching the sun fail to go down.

Next day I walked down a track to the even more northerly (but not accessible by coach / car) Knivskjellodden. At least I think that’s right when checking Google all this time later.  Lovely walk almost spoiled when as I turned around to head back after these photos I slipped and turned my ankle. No phone signal. and no one knew I was there. Idiot.

Norway in general, was very expensive, but worth every penny I would LOVE to go back in the Metal Mistress. Since visiting Norge I have kept an eye out as they love the \m/ and in 2013 got into Kvelertak who I heartily recommend.

Moving on…

2011 – Flight to Iceland because I had no other plans and wanted to tick off another ‘I’. Just Italy, Iraq and Israel to get to now. Italy a likely next destination in 2014. A few pics:

The local festival was no Download:

Some of the coolest LR’s in the world in Iceland, this was before I got mine and I was madly jealous! :

Went A over T on the stand that this ‘ship’ sits on.

Erm they get good sunsets until it all gets dark!

That’s it for Iceland. Would I go back? Yes, but can’t see it happening. Would love to go to Svalbard one day.

So NYC for NYE: my final catch up. Wow. What a way to spend New Years! Amazing. Great times and the inspiration for my 2013 Chicago trip which I’ll get to in another post. Brilliant food/beer and company (Mum, Dad and Our Rich). Less said about the flight home the better, but thats not my story to tell.


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