Nepal – Shoppers Rainbow Sunny Delight…

I’ve already mentioned the fake-fake and other counterfeit goods in Nepal. But there are also loads of locally made, yak wool goodies to be had. Big, warm jumpers, hats, gloves – this place has the lot. I tried on a few jumpers but couldn’t find one that fitted. In Nepalese sizes I am (depending on the individual jumper) somewhere between a marquee and a grosse-grosse-grande. Seems like yak jumpers are like wands in the Potter books – they choose their owner, not the other way around. This little beauty spoke to me but I couldn’t see myself in it in ‘Udders.

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  1. Heather

    Chis you HAVE to buy it!! Its just like the jumper you had a Uni!
    A worth while investment if ever there was one! H x

  2. Heidi

    lol – for some reason, in that hat you really remind me of bert and/or ernie from sesame street :oD (i can’t remember which one is which!)
    or one of the more manic muppet characters anyway!! hx

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