Nepal – Meat Sweats V Heat Sweats…

I can confirm that I prefer meat sweats to heat sweats.

This most recent revelation came to me about half way into a massive medium rare fillet steak at the New Everest Steak House, Pokhara. Actually it was 2 massive steaks, portion control is not something that has made it to Nepal. Roughly a kilogram of beef (first for ages).

Beads on the brow should be earned through chewing, cutting and digesting. They should not be involuntary dabs of perspiration caused by the sun being on 11.

If you ever come to Pokhara, having not touched meat for a month or so then my advice to you is to wear a wicking sports top to keep your core temperature under control.

Where’s the Beef? In my tummy.

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  1. Mum

    A ‘Night before the Birthday’ treat? (Just wanted to let all your Gone yonder followers know its a big day tomorrow – a Mum’s privilege! )

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