Lucky Man

I’ve never been good at the long goodbye so the last few days and this morning has been tough. Now it’s time for me to man up and start having adventures!

I’m a lucky fella to have such an excellent group of family and friends wishing me well.

Take Care.

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  1. Pete C

    Good luck mate, enjoy every possible moment it will live up to the dream if you let it !!!!!!!!

  2. Loobee & Dean

    We just watched the vid on U Tube, and yes you need to switch off your Mac and find something better to do instead. Take care of yourself and have a ball. xx

  3. Mum

    Just tried to vote (for the second time as supportive mothers do) on the ‘Which hat should I take’ vote. Got a right slap on the wrist – WE HAVE ALREADY COUNTED YOUR VOTE!!!!!
    Anyway, glad you took the right hat in the end…what a waste to leave it at home when it took you and me 7 hours to sew 2 badges on!

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