Laos – World’s Biggest Allotment?

From the higgledy-piggeldy fields and farms to the Heath-Robinson construction of the houses, rural Laos has the feel of one massive allotment.

It’s muddy, patched together and very, very green. As a result the people we see as we plod through villages seem to have the same happy smile I’ve seen on my Dad’s face after a mornings digging at his small plot in ‘Udders.

I don’t know if it is the hard work or the fact that like him, they come home from the fields to hundreds of satellite TV channels (every house has a massive dish) showing wall to wall football but the similarities between the rural Lao and my pop are striking:

Love football? Snap.
Try to live off the land? Snap.
Cold beer on hot standby? Snap.
Waste not want not? Snap.
Noisy eating? Snap. 😛

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  1. Mum

    On behalf of Pops – (or Dad / Graham as I prefer to call him….)

    Love football? Snap. AGREE
    Try to live off the land? Snap. AGREE
    Cold beer on hot standby? Snap. AGREE
    Waste not want not? Snap. AGREE
    Slurpy eating? Snap. OH NO..It was you introduced slurpy eating into this family – at the age of 11 months I recall. And from the look of some of the pics on this blog the habit has never left you! But we love you…despite your bad habits!

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