Laos – Flip Flops…

Argh! Wear them! That is all.

No, not quite:

I keep seeing western tourists who don’t bother to wear anything on their feet. It seems that they do this because they want to feel the ground beneath them and get closer to nature.

What a load of guff. Put ’em on.

Not wearing anything on your feet is only acceptable in some very clearly understood and established circumstances:

1. A beach.
2. On grass.
3. In bed.
4. In water.
5. On carpet.
6. If sport demands it.

That’s it, I think? You tell me if I missed any.

Failing to wear anything in the middle of town, on tarmac, gravel, broken glass and beside open sewers is not ok in my book.

I have yet to see a local person without a pair on his or her feet as they wander around town.

It’s not about hardening up the skin into impenetrable armadillo armour either, I’m not buying that.

Today I saw a (sadly) British lad in a £50 Chelsea top, £200 glasses and wearing an expensive watch hobble down the street for the want of a £2 pair of flip flops.

Maybe he lost them? Maybe they were stolen? Nope, because I later saw him again – applying gaffer tape to the soles of his feet for added comfort, without “ruining” the no shoe look. He was not alone.

I hope they all step on spiders.

Rant over.

Here are mine in the mud of a recent bush camp….

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  1. Professor Pod

    7. In the presence of HPC registered Podiatrist or student of feet!

  2. Loobee

    What have spiders done to deserve such a wish???

  3. John Merrick

    On behalf of anyone with functioning eyeballs, scratch that, on behalf of all mankind, don’t ever, ever take a photo of those deformed big toes again, and certainly don’t post it on the internet.
    Not cool!

  4. Harry Endus

    Sheesh! I haven’t seen anything that nasty since the infamous shot at the beginning of the journey. You said there was beach outside of your tent but all I could see were your horrific trotters.

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