It means nothing to me…

Vienna today.

Prague was good if touristy. Before leaving CZR we did the “bone church” – wikipedia it. Horrid in my opinion but would make an excellent venue for a goth wedding.

Vienna was ace, very grand – makes Prague look like a small village. I was up early after a boozy night in the campsite bar in order to meet Andrew and Lucia. A brill day of sightseeing and catching up. I couldn’t have wished for better guides. The Slovakian beer went down a treat as well, cheers mate, it didn’t taste like 12% abv so no idea what you crazy Slovaks are up to!?

I have begun allocating nicknames. I’m proudest of “banana guard” so far for Catherine. She is not so sure about it. Chewy is the best tripname for me so far – it is nothing new. I’m holding out for Ginfidel or Datlich.

From here on in it is going to be warmer, smellier and cheaper. Austria done (well at least summarised).

Met some nice people. May have to drop some friends / family to make room for new buddies…. :-p

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  1. Xavier Mendez

    Have a shave!


  2. Loobee

    Oliver Reed!!!

  3. Hellish

    Osama Ginge Laden!

    As your poker buddy, Senor Mendez says it might be time to reach for your Gillette. Otherwise when you reach the Middle East a low flying drone might mistake you for OBL after a simple strawberry blonde dye job. It will end badly for sure.


  4. Heather

    Hiya – loving the blog! Keep the updates coming …. internet connections permitting I know!!

    And don’t worry – you will always be Datlich to us!

    Take care, happy travelling – H x

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