Iran – Isfahan

Still love Iran. Very friendly, very safe. Here is a pic from the main square in Esfahan/Isfahan last night pre ice cream.

That’s Chris, Christine and Rosie. Yes those are motor bikes in the pedestrianised area…

Got about 5 days left till we head out to Pakistan and in the likely event that visas are denied a flight to India for us. A few days chilling with a beer whilst the truck catches up (it has a visa already).

Credit card in wallet, budget set.

Carpet shops calling.

More Esfahan:

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  1. Mum

    Thought you might enjoy some of the comments from Dad, Rich and me as we sit huddled round my computer reading your blogs…

    ‘Never realised Iranians went camping..!’ (Stupid!)

    ‘He DOES look like Ewan McGregor!’ (True!)

    ‘Fancy having such modern barbers shops in Turkey! (Even more stupid!)

    ‘ITIL Expert or male model? Which makes most money? (Yorkshire common sense)

    ‘Glad we brought you up proper in regards to booze!’

    And finally…

    Dad going to Denby Dale Post Office tomorrow to enquire about sending the stuff you left behind to Kathmandu (as per e-mail request). That conversation will be worth a blog in itself!

    Aşk hepimizi dan.

  2. Loobee

    Reading the comments above – Chris have you been telling people you’re an ITIL expert?? Where did you get that idea from.
    Reflecto Perfecto

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