Iran – Ali

3 days into Iran now. I’ve never met friendlier people.

I learned to write my name and count to ten in Farsi (Persian) courtesy of a young lad called Ali. Apparently in Farsi I am KRS. So it’s basically a txt spk language. I don’t know if it’s right or not so I’ll prob hold off on the tattoo for now…

No wonder it’s a closed book to non native speakers. As well as the new shapes and letters you have to contend with good and bad handwriting. Ali’s “k” looked nothing like the one printed in Lonely Planet.

He took me off to meet his family who were camping at the same picnic spot. I tried to politely refuse as per protocal but still came away with an apple, a cucumber and some chewing gum!

The lad was persistent though, 2 hours of “tuition” later (him getting frustrated that his use of ONLY Farsi to teach Farsi wasn’t working) and I needed a lie down.

I appear to be giving it the full UNICEF McGregors in the pic, uninitentional I assure you!

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