Indonesia – Kuta Beach & Ubud…

Kuta Beach. World famous. Apparently. I didn’t dig it. It was like the location for a “brits abroad” reality show on ‘Dave’ but starring Aussies. Not very relaxing.

I was offered the usual “massages” then “sexy massages” and finally “banana massages”. It doesn’t pay to walk around on your own – the hassle from hawkers is unbelievable. And made worse because they assume you are an Aussie – “G’Day Boss, Taxi Taxi Taxi?”

Can’t wait to get back to Ubud (apparently the location for the ‘EatPraySleepCryMoan’ or whatever it’s called movie by Julia Roberts) which is much more relaxed (but £££).

I did get to see the Voetball though. Coverage here being more comprehensive than at home.

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  1. Mum

    Mmmmmm – loved it when we were there. Mind you that was in the days when bananas only went with custard, not massages!

    Voetball in the big thing in the UK. You’ve been away too long!

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