India – Varanasi and Ganges.

Nearly finished in India. Just a couple of days in Varanasi and a chance to see the holy river Ganges.

I’d expected the river to be a polluted stink fest based on what I’d read and been told. We got up at 5am for our sunrise boat trip and the reality wasn’t nearly so bad. Sure it was brown, but it didn’t smell and it can’t have been all that horrid or the Varanasi Swim Team wouldn’t have been training in such numbers.

So what about the funeral pyres, cremations and so on? Judging by the comments of some people on the boat we took a trip through some macarbre film set. The process from last breath to final embers was explained by our guide and I found the whole thing to be dignified and respectful. I didn’t like Delhi, but I’m loving this part of India. 

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