India – The Golden Temple, Amritsar

Well worth a visit – we went in the day and again at night. The only funny thing that happened as we toured this beautiful place was that one of the many kids who spoke to me thought I looked like the WWF’s “Undertaker”. Compliment? I think not.

Head coverings were mandatory and respectful. I’m not trying a new hairy biker “Dude!” style out here…

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  1. Seaman Stains

    Instead of closing one eye all the time like in your photo, why don’t you put an eye patch on…..and while you’re at it, go the whole hog and put a parrot on your shoulder.

    If you’re going to dress like a pirate, do it properly or don’t do it at all.

    Stains out

  2. Stuart

    Ahoy and indeed Oooooooh-aaaaaaarrrrgghh Pirate Chris!

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