India – One Last Thing…

So a quick flash back to India, even though I am enjoying getting my Nepal on.

A few pics – firstly of a crowd forming around the truck when we stopped for lunch. Look carefully you can see the guns of the local “police”.

Next a few from the petrol station we bush camped at that night. It was very hot. I slept outside sans tent on the tiled floor of the newly built (and as yet unopened) toilet block. The tiles were baking, the sweat was terrible. Waking at 3am because you’ve slid off your sleeping mat is not fun. Despite the bugs, mice and interested on-lookers I did manage about 2 hours kip. Oh and the armed security guards kept “patrolling” near the ladies tents all night, and in the early hours did some smack/crack/mieowmieow/wowey sauce* (well they were injecting something into their arms and I bet it wasn’t antibiotics).

*whatever you kids are calling it this week.

Sorry for poor quality:

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