India – ‘Ecky Thump – T’ aj Mahal

Up at 05:30 to get to the Taj. Locals pay c10r to get in. Foreigners 750r. Nice. For the extra cash you get a free bottle of water (rrp 15r)!?

It’s bigger than you think and yes, it is stunning. If it’s not the best Taj I’ve ever seen it’s deffo in the top 3.

Not a lot else to say really, except that I can confirm that the sides and rear are all there and that it is not just a ply-board and mdf construction. You only ever seem to see it from the front on pics which did have me wondering if it was just a massive pantomime set…

If you get the chance, visit it, one of those places that t’interweb can’t do justice…

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