I did a Logo!

All by myself!

Had my first go at making a logo since my Grade C in GCSE Design Communication back in the early 1990’s!

I used a free online tool which then charged me £15 for a high quality output of what I made. That output was wrong (all messed up and even uglier than the below…), so I’m awaiting a response from a customer service team I’m not sure I believe exist!

Any road, this is what I came up with, and I like it. Orange and Black which I dig, all based on rights free clip art. Probably a bit fussy and too much going on but its a small logo for a deliberatly non-famous online personal travel diary not an iconic marque about to be plastered all over Times Square.

In part inspired by the Lat / Long post at Nordkapp in Norway, which I visited a few years ago and camped at, having a memorable night taking truly average pics in the midnight sun.

Final Version… (above)
First Draft… (above)
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