C2C – Hills. Biscuits. 

I retract my earlier blog post. I cannot handle hills like I can handle biscuits. Not in this heat! (“Milk was a bad choice!”)

Tough day. And 2 harder ones ahead. Today was the 3rd day althogether and 2nd full one. I cannot say I enjoyed it or took very long to admire a stunning view, I was walking from 0830 – 1800 and I probably need to adjust the schedule or hire a Sherpa van for my stuff.

Today my guidebook (not AW) said (after c800 metres ascent earlier in the day). “Take the high pass into Grasmere for stunning views which are worth the effort, or take the lower, traditional road which is easier”.

Everyone knows I’m a traditionalist. Who am I to question “The Creator AW’s” judgement? Low it was. Although I was nervous because AW may pre-date internet trolls with his definition of hiking and is no doubt having a good laugh at those who try, but probably shouldn’t. I’m not alone in that category on the walk by the way.

I’ll post one pic, taken at the end of the first proper full hike to Black Sail YHA yesterday. My fandangle watch takes weight, age, heart rate, effort spent & sympathy for the owner into account and mushes it up in an algorithm. At the end of an activity – it tells you how long you should normally take to recover…. Oh Bugger!

Recovery time from 1 days walking… oh dear.
Sunset at the Black Sail YHA Hut.
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  1. Richard

    Great post mate! Keep going you’re doing well.
    One free foot fettlement for you is racked up!

  2. Ellis

    Keep going fella. Brilliant achievement.

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