Heavy Metal Handshake 1

2nd bush camp day 2. Germany, 500km till first proper stop (and beer!) in Prague. Been to Belgium and Germany and not had a drop as these are long drive days.

We were “selecting” (ie driving into a field and hoping for the best) our camp site and when the farmer asked WTF one of the group spoke some german and he said “fair enough”, but in German, e.g. “fairz enoughz”. Came back with his mates for a nosy and to laugh at us.

I brought an Iron Maiden tshirt with me in the hope that in some distant land a foreign metal head would run up to me shouting “METAL WOOO!”. Wore it today as I slept in it last night.

Farmer wearing IM top. We threw up the horns \m/ and bonded over a shared love of the musica di diablo.

I asked “‘av y’ sin ’em liv?” , and then when he looked confused repeated in English “have you seen them live?”. He looked at me, over to his tiny village of c300 people and said “no”. I said “Iron Maiden, very good”. He said “yes”. Blockbusting Stuff (!).

2 proud nations with “history” stand a little closer together tonight because of me.

You’re all welcome.

Bill and Ted were right.

Wyld Stallions!

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  1. Loobee

    You are camping by the road or in random fields? Watch out for cowpats 🙂

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