Hadrians Wall Path – Finished!

So I popped back as lockdown eased and finished the excellent Hadrians Wall Path. This was supposed to happen on Day 2, back in Feb but Storm Dennis meant it was flooded / not safe. Here is a link to my HWP summary.

I planned to drive to Carlisle, get a train to Haltwhistle and then a bus to Birdoswald fort, which was still closed but I’d triple checked the buses were back to normal.

It was all a bit tight, and I missed the train. So, a £40 taxi later I arrived at the fort, and got cracking.

The downside was the extra cost, about £25 more than my train and bus fare. The upside a good chat with the taxi man, who was dreading the end of lockdown and pubs reopening from the 4th July. He told me in detail how worried he was about Corona being in the sick if drunks spew in his cab.

I hadn’t thought of that until he mentioned it. There is more to this virus that I realised! Anyway – £25 well spent, for the peek behind the taxi-magicians curtain, and to be at the start an hour and a quarter earlier than planned.

Lovely walk (all downhill!) to Carlisle Memorial Bridge.

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