Vietnam – Get Your Motor Runnin’…

So, we’ve been watching Top Gear repeats on long truck days and hankering for a drive.

The worst bit about driving to Sydney in a truck like ours is that Driver Adam does all the work. So hiring mopeds seemed like a great idea when a fella wandered up to us and offered us 5 hours for £3.33 (100,000 Vietnamese Dong) + Gas. He got on the phone and before we knew it Other Chris, Big Rich and I were cruising along the beachfront of Mui Ne.

Having never ridden a moped I was a bit wobbly at first, but was soon reminding myself of Steve McQueen in The Great Escape.

We had a great time once we got used to the only rule of the road in place. Bigger Is Better. Trucks and Buses Rule. You can honk all you like – they do what they want, when they want and more fool you if you get in the way.

We headed off road to take a peek at some sand dunes and I was just setting up the camera self timer when Rich said “F*@k, No!”.




“I’ve put the keys in my bag and my bag in the boot… it’s locked, $hit”

Now let me explain, nobody I know does fury as well as Rich. He can get hilariously mad super quick and it is VERY funny.

“F*@k, Fu@k, What am I going to do?!”

“Walk it back to town?”

“I can’t do that in this heat, I’ll fu@k’in die!”

So. We broke in. Pulled the seat up with brute force, steadied the bike and grabbed the bag. Comedic fall to the floor as it popped out was so close.

Yamaha need to work on security, but Big Rich was glad they haven’t cracked it yet.

Me on my ride – CHIPS?

Gas Station Vietnam Style:

Group Shot – Before Key Incident:

During Key Incident:

After Key Incident:

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  1. andrew

    now that sounds like a much better day than being in the office! want to swap?

    1. deplec

      no. definitely, absolutely not. 😛

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