C2C – Coast To Coast Finished. 

Not a lot to say. I got up early, slogged up the steep hill from Grosmont and got to RHB early afternoon. Easy walking compared to earlier days – my feet accepting their fate and barely putting in a word of complaint.

I enjoyed it in the end. Loved camping (always do). Met some interesting people along the way and having lost my headphones 3 days from the end managed to have a good old ponder about ‘stuff’.

I’d say I enjoyed it enough to do something else long distance walking wise. But probably I’ll become a NPC next time – insisting on carrying my stuff was pride over practicality and whilst I wasn’t noticing the weight by the end it was a big old bag to lug around.

Anyway. St. Bees to RHB by Shanks Pony. Done. And well worth it.

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  1. Lorna

    Yay well done 😊👏

  2. Loobee

    Good work young man, rest those Poe feet x

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