Does a Bear poo in the woods?

Day 1 fun – Bus ran out of fuel. It may be cheaper to buy in France but I can confirm diesel is absolutely needed to drive to Sydney! Bad Math. Police helpful. French laughed at the foreigners by the road but Brits win because bus has Dutch plates and is orange. Holland mocked.

Delays mean we didn’t reach intended camp site so bush camping (like normal camping but poo is an al fresco adventure where you hope to be the first to choose the spot!) tonight.

So with facilities in mind, why did we have chilli? Burgh-Burgrgh! (Ash and Ellis, you and only you know what noise I was going for there.)

A perfect first day in my view. I expect many better and some worse and can’t wait either way.

UK, France and Belgium. Done.

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  1. Mum

    What does that Victor Meldrew guy say.. ‘I dont believe it!’ 8 months of intense preparation, Second spare all-purpose swiss army knives in case the first and second swiss army knives prove unreliable, more hidden pockets in rucksacks than is decent and YOU FORGET A WASHING UP BOTTLE FILLED WITH SPARE DIESEL! Chris ….honestly!

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