Turns out that when the sun comes out Romania is beautiful. Winding mountain roads are spectaular and only spoiled by suicidal HGV drivers crazy-taking on the apex of blind bends. Mad Bastards.

This is a country under construction. Concrete houses with MDF walls flying up all over the place and most appear to have been designed by their owners after a trip to the local tavern. Not so much with the building regs in this country.

Now headed to Bucharest for 2 days before pushing on to Bulgaria.

I need new tent pegs. Mine are stupid. I now feel proficient enough at pitching to start suggesting improvments to Terra Nova who appear to assume that their customers are camping on cricket pitches.

Quote of the day “what do these shepherds do anyway?” from a mid-50’s guy on the bus. Erm – I think they herd sheep…


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  1. Moe Syzlak

    Next time your travel buddy pipes up with crap like that, just shout ‘AREOLA!’ repeatedly at the top of your voice, until he stops talking.

    A friend once told me it always generates a reaction.


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