China – The Big Attractions…

So – here are some pics and summary of my trips to the big sights in China. I’m not doing them in great detail because honestly, they need to be seen in the brick to appreciate them.

The Terracotta Warriors:
“Wow, they look like little Lego men!” – Very interesting, very old, money and time well spent. Try to go.

The Great Wall:
“Stunning” – I was worried it would be a let down since you tend to only visit restored sections. But it was a rainy day, with the wall twisting away into the distant fog and I loved it. Plus a cable car ride. Sweet.

The Potala Palace:
“Impressive, but £30 to get in?” – I doubt the Dalai gets a cut and the entrance fee and rushed guided tour made this a rip off. The China flag flying from the roof was a strong statement by Beijing…

“The best scenery of the trip so far. Beautiful”. Some random pics of China/Tibet.

There are loads of other great sites from the fantastic to the average… e.g. Biggest Lake, Highest Lake, Longest Lake, Deepest Lake etc. Worth every penny in most cases but amusingly bad in others…

Finally – the food help I’ve been needing!

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  1. Ellis

    Where’s your new bird Megan, then? Ships in the night I suppose.

    Off to Manchester to watch the mighty Everton. Why Manchester? Well Ash can’t leave the city on Gay Pride weekend apparently.

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