China – New Job Prospects?

I love honey. If you know me you know that.

I like to stick my paw in the top of the jar like a bear. I like everything about it. From the cool costumes worn to collect it to the way it oozes off my special twisted honey spoon on to doorstep slices of fresh bread. I can’t decide which is better Sugar Puffs or Crunchy Nut. Both are a class up from Bran Flakes, unless like me you drizzle honey on them too.

So – when I saw this shop on my return to Xi’an yesterday I have to admit to a raised eyebrow. A shop specialising in natures sticky gold? Sounds interesting. And I have being missing work, oddly, so maybe this was a sign?

We all know that people will do a lot for a better job title. Well how about “Bee Master!”?. This is a step up from “Lead Operational Acceptance Consultant” in my book.

I drove to work in Slough in a Volvo. The Bee Master no doubt has a golden chariot pulled by a million loyal subjects on his way to the honey mines. Not once in all my time in IT have I got to shout “fly my pretties, fly!”.

Okay, so maybe this is just the after effects of too much sugar. Maybe I’m just missing work*. Maybe I should think things through before stitching mesh netting to my hat and diving into bee taming.

At least the owners of “Bee Master” have an eye for a cool shop name. Not like the blunt knives who came up with the imaginative “Clothes Shop” below. What next Mr Hicks? “New! – Orange Drink”.

* – A quick quote from a close friend when I mentioned I was missing work recently: “your work must have been better than mine”. Another friend simply said “don’t be a dick”. Enough said.

Roll on SE Asia baby! 16 days left in China.

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