China – Feelin’ Kind Of Woozy…

Just a few pics of me fooling around and pretending to have altitude sickness before I knew what it felt like.

When it happened I only experienced mild symptoms such as tingly extremities (quite nice) and mild nausea (less nice). 2 of our group ended up in a military hospital overnight but in the end this was apparently more to do with dehydration and adverse reaction to pills than real AMS.

The worst thing about not being used to the altitude is the mental tiredness. Calling people you have seen every day since April “Thingy” is not cool.

PS – Yes I am rocking the best wooly hat in the world ever.

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  1. Loobee

    That is almost as good as Pootle’s hat!

  2. Mum

    Are you sure you can trust ‘friends’ who get you to lie down in the road for a picture? That truck behind you is approaching at some speed….

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